About 8Rox

Here's a little information about us and why we are here!

We have been in worldwide gaming since 1985. Over the past 12 years, we have become more focused on live and online poker tournaments. 8Rox was formed 4 years ago to draw together what we believe to be all aspects of poker for the playing community.

The App

The 8Rox application works smoothly with the Party Poker platform with easy step by step instructions to create your own league be it for friends or pub games. We have incorporated tournament stats.

The Poker Community

8Rox has the novice in mind as well as the more advanced player. The 8Rox discord channel is for our members to discuss hands, bad beats, you name it along with some good old banter – it is also free to join.

Academy and Sponsorships

For the player who wants to progress we have the Academy and offer sponsorships deals that run over 8 tiers complete with full support and training.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make you a better player, to help you manage your game knowing you’re not alone amongst the millions of players around the world. Basically, we aim to bring the poker community together.

Make sure you have a Party Poker account account and join us today we would love to welcome you at the table.
If you need to contact us, please do by click here.

Good Luck - 8Rox Team